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Can Graviola Tree Really Cure Cancer?

October 14th, 2012

The soursop is the fruit of a tree native to Central and South America – Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, etc. Nowadays, it’s also indigenous to Africa and Southeast Asia. The green fruit that can weigh up to 3 kg has a number of uses, apart from its food qualities. The flesh of the fruit is edible, consisting of pulp and fiber. However, the taste is not what got graviola popular. Graviola, or Annona muricata as is its scientific name, is supposed to cure cancer.

Since many centuries African and South American people have been using the fruit of the graviola tree to cure infectious diseases, parasites, depression and common cold. Modern day research has proven that graviola really helps in these situations.

So, why do people think that graviola helps cure cancer? The South American fruit has also been found to successfully kill certain types of breast and liver cancer cells – the kinds that are particularly resistant to chemotherapy. No large scale research has been made to document and scientifically prove the medical qualities of graviola. Overall, there really is no evidence that this plant helps cancer patients. This never prevented certain websites to sell and advertise graviola pills as a miraculous cancer cure.

There is also little information on the subject how this fruit affects the human body. What is already known is that graviola can lead to nerve damage and cause symptoms that resemble those of Parkinson’s disease.

Is graviola expnsive? Should you try it? Well, before consulting a physician, you shouldn’t experiment with your own health. Graviola isn’t that expensive though. 100 capsules can be purchased for around $15. They should be taken 3 to 4 times a day, 2 capsules every time. So, a bottle of 100 graviola capsules lasts around 2 weeks.

The real question is – can graviola tree effectively cure cancer? The reason for the lack of human tests that can determine the usefulness of this fruit might be the pharmaceutical companies that are trying to promote the current cancer cures as the only way available to fight off the deadly disease. The first research on the effectiveness of the graviola plant was conducted in 1976 in the United States. The findings were inconclusive, although it was proven that the leaves of the Graviola plant were particularly useful in destroying some malignant cancer cells. Perdue University was the second scientific body to conduct research on this matter. The test confirmed that graviola helps cure prostate and pancreas cancer.

The active ingredients in the graviola plant are the Annonaceous acetogenins. They are substances that posess really strong anti-tumor effects. Small doses of them are found to be really effective in destroying cancer cells.

Is graviola tree the answer to all cancer patient’s hopes? There isn’t a definitive answer that anyone can give. The hopes of many people lie in researchers who can consolidate the place of the graviola plant in modern day science and medicine and maybe establish it as a miraculous cancer cure.


Graviola Tree Benefits

May 16th, 2012

Graviola tree is an herbal tree that is popularly found around the Caribbean Islands as well as the Amazon jungle. It is commonly known as soursop, and technically referred to as Annona muricata. Graviola fruit is usually available fresh from the garden or in canned form. The other parts of the tree are usually available in powder form, but you can also get them from the garden. The leaves, roots, bark, flowers, seed and fruit of the graviola tree have been used for ages to cure various diseases. There are many graviola supplements in the market, often used as herbal supplements for different types of diseases.

Nutritional value of the graviola tree

Different parts of the graviola tree contain different types of nutrients. However, most of the nutrients are concentrated in the pulp and seeds of graviola.

The pulp and seed of graviola contain the following nutrients:
• Titratable acid
• Non-reducing sugar
• Crude protein
• Moisture
• Crude fiber
• Fat
• Carbohydrate
• Water soluble ash
• Calcium
• Acetogenins
• Annopentocins A
• Annopentocins B
• Annopenticins C
• Muricins
• Muricapentocin
• Annomuricine
• Muricatocins A
• Muricatocins B

Other than the components found in the pulp and fruit of graviola tree, the leaves of graviola tree are rich in Monotetrahydrofuran acetogenins that give it its medicinal capabilities.

Health benefits of graviola tree
Graviola tree is popular for its anti-cancer properties. It treats various types of cancer such as colon, breast, liver, cervical, pancreatic, lymphoma, lung and prostate cancer. It isolates and kills prostate and colon cancer cells individually, without affecting the surrounding healthy cells. Tests have shown that the extract from graviola tree inhibits the growth of the cells responsible for breast cancer, and leads to the shrinkage of the cells responsible for liver tumors. Studies have found that the effectiveness of graviola leaf extract exceeds that of the regular chemotherapies. One reason why graviola should be used to treat cancer is because it does not affect hair and stomach cells, like other chemical therapies.

Other health benefits of the graviola include the following:
• Graviola tree extract is a natural antidepressant.
• It reduces blood pressure.
• Graviola fruit has antibacterial properties.
• Graviola fruit can also be used to treat various parasitic infections.
• It is a remedy for diarrhea.
• Nursing mothers can take graviola fruit in order to boost the production of milk.
• Graviola extracts balance heart rhythms thus protecting you from palpitations and irregular heartbeats.
• It is a home remedy for herpes simplex virus.
• It cures arthritis.
• It is a natural remedy for heart diseases.
• It treats liver problems.
• It cures asthma.
• It is a natural immune booster.

Though graviola tree is a wonder drug, it is advisable to limit your daily consumption of the fruit or supplements. This is because it is associated with Parkinson disease among other undesirable effects. Avoid taking it for prolonged durations as this may generate negative effects that could be fatal. In order to benefit from graviola, take it in its natural form. If you are taking it in the form of supplements, you should follow the dosage instructions given.